What are the different types of ILD?

As we said, there are many types of interstitial lung disease.  They have different causes and features, and even different treatments.  In some interstitial lung diseases, the interstitium is mostly scarred (aka fibrosed), in others is it mostly inflamed.  Sometimes inflammation can lead to fibrosis. Sometimes both fibrosis and inflammation are present. 

The goal of your initial visit with the ILD specialist is to determine the best diagnosis that fits with your symptoms and test results.  For some, it may take time to get a diagnosis because the ILD may be too early to tell, or it may not fall neatly into any particular category.  If this is the case, it is often called "unclassifiable" ILD, and will require periodic monitoring and follow-up with your ILD specialist to determine if it is a progressive disease or not.


There are many ways to categorize interstitial lung diseases. Here is just one:

Some of the most common ILDs we treat and manage in our clinic include: