Pharmacologic treatment of ILD

In this section, we will discuss common medications used to treat various ILDs (pharmacologic treatments). Because there are many types of interstitial lung diseases, there are several different medications used to treat them. Here are some of the more commonly prescribed medications used in our clinic.

Some important things to note is that all of these medications require periodic blood tests and close monitoring by your provider. Given that these medication suppress your immune system, you are at an increased risk for infection. This is why it is also important to work with your primary care providers to ensure all vaccinations are up to date.

NOTE: Insurances may require prior authorization before they agree to pay for some of these immunosuppressants, and some insurances do not pay at all for immunosuppressants used in interstitial lung disease.


This is not a complete list of all medications used to treat ILDs, and new medications are being tested in clinical trials all the time. You can ask your provider about current clinical trials, and see the Clinical Trials to learn more.