What Do I Do if I Get Sick?

Individuals with ILD must remain vigilant and take the proper precautions to avoid illness. The risk is higher for individuals who are taking immunosuppression medications for their ILD condition. 

Prevent infection

  • Practice good hand hygiene - wash your hands before and after preparing and eating meals, blowing your nose, playing with children, etc.
  • Stay away from individuals who are sick.
  • Wear a mask in public, crowded places (including on airplanes)
  • Clean your oxygen concentrator air filter regularly (at least 1-2 times weekly)
  • Rinse your nasal cannula at 1-2 times weekly, first with water and vinegar, then with warm soapy water and then hang to completely dry
  • Replace the nasal cannula after a cold or other illness

Unfortunately, even with the proper precautions, some may still fall ill, the risk of which is higher when taking immunosuppression medications.

If you have new or worsening symptoms including but not limited to cough, mucous production, nasal congestion, runny nose, etc. please first contact your primary care provider. If you are having acute symptoms of fever, chills, sweats, lower than usual oxygen saturation levels, please seek medical attention as soon as possible at an urgent care or emergency room. 

After you have addressed the acute symptoms, you should call us so that we can arrange a follow-up with you. It would also be very helpful to fax us records of tests or office visit notes related to the illness at fax: 415-353-8944.